A Day

On days where I feel sad and blue, I just have to think about the days on which I was extremely happy and like magic, I see myself smiling again. It is fortunate that out of all the occurrences in a day, the good always outweighs the bad so why do I find myself letting the bad try and bring me down so much?

The first thing that attempted pulling me out of my misery today was watching my younger brother longboard on the streets of Luxemburg. Watching him in the video just uplifts my spirit. Watching him participate in something he enjoys doing so effortlessly, so peacefully even though there have been multiple occasions where I had to say sorry for his wounds which I didn’t cause by the way. http://youtu.be/v-qSEH8zpvM Oh! That just reminded me of a saying from the movie, “The Notebook” – “…..I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough…”

He is a good kid! In my next life, I would want the same person as my brother. After the longboard session, of course I went straight to the video of the animation he directed with two other gentlemen on his degree course. He produced the awesome piece “iO”. http://youtu.be/gWYfww7JNkU He was also one of the animators on the project, and was part of the clean-up and coloring team. Oh my bragging right! I watch this video every month and I never get tired of it. It motivates me and is my second inspiration when I am soaked in mud. First inspiration is Jehovah God of course!

Oh before I forget, he also worked on the storyboard for Michel | Episode “Le Tartomatik” en intégralité. http://youtu.be/LJlCyQM_izo I won’t use this blog post to list all his other achievements. I will go right back to “A Day”.

So why “A Day”? After the big smile, I begun to remember my good moments and one of them was when my work made cover and content of a book and if anyone ever told me that a photograph I take will appear on more than 85,000 out-of-home screens located all over the world, I would find it hard to believe. But guess what, it came to pass! A photograph I took on 15th May 2012 exhibited across the world and was published in a book. Out of over 100,000 photos, the best 1,000 was selected and mine was one of them…Go me! Go me! Go me! http://youtu.be/g5e3AGU30eY


There were a series of events before the publication and exhibition that made that Nicki click worth the while. It was another normal afternoon in the office, 2:24 pm on 7th June 2012 when an emailed popped up from Ericsson Head of Activation – Marketing Communication in Sweden which said:
“Debra-Jane in cc is the colleague who has been selected today here in Stockholm as the best RSSA shooter.
Her photo (jumping guy wearing a red shirt in front of the ocean) will be showned during the Open Day at Ericsson Studio in Kista next Jun the 15th – presented by me, Arun Bhikshesvaran (our globall CMO) and Jeppe Wikstrom (founder and photographer, Expressions of Humankind) – The whole collection of outstanding photos will be showned as well during breakout sessions at GLS next week.
Please Debra-Jane, let me have your photo at the highest resolution as possible, with no watermarks or text.
And my congratulations to you, it’s a fantastic photo!
Br, Claudio”

Ohhhh!!! That made my day!!!

Soon after I received an email from the Head of Communication for the region that said:
“Congratulations on your selection for having produced the best photo in RSSA.

Then I got congratulating emails from my boss, other colleagues and an email saying:
“I am writing from the ADAY.ORG project office. Thank you for participating in our global photo project – we have had a fantastic response with pictures from every corner of the world. The international group of editors is currently working on the selection for the book and the exhibition and your image of a your colleague Alex jumping has caught the eye of the selectors.”

On 26th July 2012, I made it on our intranet with the following content:

Of course, I send an email to my dad and brothers straight away. Michel said “Awesome news sweetie… Congratulations and keep up the good work. Love always, Michel.”

My dad says “Surprising – well done”.

And Robair says “Yo Debs, I am so proud of you reading that put chills on the backs of my arms my hairs are all on end. 🙂 Congrats.


My contribution was part of creating an unprecedented collection of photographs celebrating everyday life around the world.


Jeppe Wikström, the co-founder of Aday.org, met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Capetown to present him with the a copy of the book. Desmond Tutu has written the introduction in the book and he was delighted to see the result!


Museum Director Karl Magnusson opens the “A Day in the World” exhibition at the
Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg.


Many photographers came to the openings of the shows in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. Elsa Leo, one of the youngest participants cut the film strip as a symbolical ribbon, held by founder Jeppe Wikström and Irish photographer Heather Cody


Above and below are my photograph and name on digital bill boards some where in London.



A sneak peak from the largest full motion screen in the world based in Las Vegas.


An evening shot of the screen in Times Square, New York.







Items to be placed inside the inner box: A Laptop with all submitted photos, a power cord, the book – A Day in the World and randomly selected prints from the project.


The HP Elitebook Laptop with all submitted photos from May 15, 2012 are placed inside the inner box. The battery is removed and only the power cord is included.


The book with a 1000 selected photos placed inside the safety box


Finally, the inner box is emptied of air and moisture and filled with Argon gas through a special valve. The procedure produces a non-reactive environment so the computer components do not degrade and the book and photographs do not decompose.


The inner box, made of the worlds most stainless steel (Outokumpu SMO 654) is then welded shut by the welding team at Böhringer Welding.


Falun were inscribed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites in 2001. The Falun Copper Mine forms the very heart of the area – its origins date right back to the 8th century. A perfect site for the time capsule.


Journalists all dressed in helmets and raincoats were present to tell the world about the Time Capsule.


All photos from a day in the world, the 15th of May 2012, preserved in stainless steel.


The Capsule leaving the last seconds of daylight before reaching the final destination down in the mine.


The time capsule was displayed in November 2012 at the opening of the exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

Sitting at my desk right now smiling from cheek to cheek. Just a few hours earlier, I had tears in my eyes. I already have a title for my blog post about this morning’s experience, which will tell you why. “Rotten Bananas”. I am sure this will be up by Good Friday.

All I can say right now is “Why be sad when you can be happy?”

In news lately, “The time capsule is now stored in Falun Copper Mine” – check it out by clicking the link below.



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