Woman In The Mirror


I guess it’s not so bad after all. It’s 3:39pm on a cozy Saturday. I just jumped out of a 15 hour sleep mode. Maybe I should really take this time alone in this foreign land to meditate and brainstorm on the next steps of my journey. Well that wasn’t so much the purpose of my trip but I have said to myself that whenever things are not going as planned, I would accept it just the way it is and be thankful to God. It is hopefully and faithfully going as He wants it. I had envisaged a lovely expedition but that went right out of my head when I demanded to get off the flight and asked for my luggage to be off loaded. I panicked. I thought maybe I am not supposed to go on the trip. My spirit wasn’t at rest. You ask why I wanted to get of the flight. I will leave that story for another day.


This is the first time I have travelled without my laptop for as long as I can remember. The iPad doesn’t count. That’s just for sending emails, getting on social networks and Google abuse. I was feeling agitated, restless, feeling like I could be using this time for something valuable but I am now going to be stuck with nothing to do whilst work is piling up, waiting for me in Ghana. Hmmm what to do, what to do? So I check into the hotel at 9:30pm on Thursday, went down for dinner at 10:00pm. Sat there till 11pm, came up, freshened up and dived under the sheets. Oh goodness the pillow is so soft and bouncy. Just how I like it! I am tempted to steal one when leaving. Do you think the hotel will notice me walking out of here with a large white pillow tucked under my arm along with my hand bag and travel bag?

25th January

Then came Friday morning. I dialed into a conference call, went for breakfast and came back to my room. What to do? Ah! Maybe I can use this time to read the new book I bought a few weeks ago. Seven Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership by Kate Coleman. But before I do, let’s get on Instagram and check my mail.  Oh no, my assistant got robbed on Thursday night. Her phones, laptop, money all gone. Poor Sena! I am sure she is traumatized. I immediately call her, make a couple other calls and start sending her a reply with contact numbers she needs for the weekend’s event when sleep stole my energy. This thing called sleep, especially after filling up my belly. I hear a knock on the door; it is 2:00pm. Wonder who?


Moving on swiftly, I am hungry again. Well I should be as it is 6:30pm. Let’s get Edwin to pick me up for dinner. I tried pounded yam and soup with a jug of chapman from Jevinik. From there he took me to Shaunz Lounge (karaoke bar). It was packed! So we went to De Marquee. I had a glass of strawberry cocktail. Hmmm I want my bed. “Edwin, I want to leave”. I am sure in his mind, he thought what a light head. Lol. It is only 9:30pm! On our way to my hotel, we stopped at an Ericsson staff dominated hotel for whiskey and coke by the poolside. The Colonade. I met other Ericsson colleagues from Kenya, Nigeria and some of my other colleagues from our Ghana office. 10:45pm “Edwin, please I want to sleep!” I shout over the music.  Poor guy, he had to put down his drink and drop me off. Argh!



There is a knock on the door. Must be my medium well done beef fillet served on a cognac and blue cheese sauce, my salad, my New York style baked cheese cake with strawberry and vanilla crème and my glass of cranberry juice. Yummy!!! Let’s shift these papers to the side…







Oh my…That was awesome!  I loved the salad and the beef fillet. The dessert was okay. Yes, just okay. I think the problem is, the cheesecake was a bit too hard for me. I like my cakes soft. It goes nicer with the cream. I am back facing the mirror occasionally staring at the woman in the mirror, wondering what exactly her game plan is after the rotten bananas. I shift my papers downwards and I see Queen Latifah on the cover of the DSTV Africa commercial magazine I am padding my sheets of paper with. Only if I had my laptop, I wouldn’t have to handwrite and then retype! #21stcenturycomfort




In fact let me flip through the magazine and read her article. Who knows maybe I might get the inspiration I flew all the way to Lagos to get. With nothing but the sound of the air conditioning, dimmed lights and a table lamp, she surely has my full attention. Wonder who Queen Latifah is? Dana Owen is her birth name. Latifah is an Arabic name meaning delicate and sensitive. Now I am sure a lot of you who know of her would have an eyebrow raised to that, just like I do. The characters she plays and her ap[appearance is far from delicate and sensitive.  I remember and loved her character in ’Set it off.’ A go getter, ambitious, strong willed, confident leader, brave, yet funny and very caring inside. Protected the ones she loved and was a lover (and freak). Okay her lover was a female, but she was still a romantic beneath all her strong attributes. My kind of woman, she set it off.



Dana Owen is passionate about creating a more diverse image of women in music and media circles. She always looks out for stories that highlight women of color because that’s what she has always done which will never change. With a slew of awards to her name, including a Golden Globe and a Grammy, she has more than enough to get her message across. Now! She wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Nor did she have a diamond in her mouth at birth. She got here someway somehow. Surely she was once the woman in the mirror. Let me share a quote from “A Woman of Steel” article with you. The article in the April 2013 edition of DSTV Africa commercial magazine talking about Queen Latifah and steel Magnolias ( a movie). She said “If there are kids who want to follow in my footsteps, I’d say that my shoes are too big for them to fill- but their shoe size is perfect”. I disagree with her because no one will get far standing comfortable in their shoes. They need a push. But yet again, we shouldn’t want to walk in anyone’s shoes. We can only look at their footsteps and say to ourselves, yes! We can also get there. Her first job was at Burger King at Age 15. Mine was at Woolworth at age 16. He he he. But I also want to be known as the hugely talented, larger than life Debra- Jane nelson. So that’s my inspiration, that’s my ambition.


Back to reality. Here I am sat on this table,  I have resigned from my job to focus on my business. I get excited knowing I will now have the time to grow my own and myself in the process, but I panic at the scary thoughts of doubt and financial need. I got a full time job for career growth and financial gain. The growth seems to never come and the financial was more of sustainability than gain.  So why don’t I focus on investing my energy in my own and hopefully it will be growth + gain which will eventually be an honored achievement?


To tackle the issue of doubt, I have been told to stay determined and every time fear comes knocking, I should send it off with “I can do it!” let’s see what the future holds! It is time to stop blogging and strategize.


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On today’s play list:  http://youtu.be/JRfuAukYTKg



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  1. You Inspire me more than you can imagine.


  2. you always inspire me one way or the other ,debra.


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