2013 Greater Works Conference – Day One


Arriving a few minutes before 6 pm as opposed to 3 hours before 6 pm like we did every day last year, the auditorium was already full up. Hopefully, Habiba saved me a seat on the 10th row where we sat every day last year. She arrived at 3:15 pm and saved me a seat but was asked to give it up. With God’s favor I was offered one of the reserved seats on the 8th row! Not bad for a late comer at all ei! The conference is from 6 pm to 9 pm and at 5 pm, you are guaranteed to be amongst the thousands of people seated outside as the 6000 seating auditorium is already full up. Today must be my lucky day I say to myself and I thank God for His favor. I join in in the praise and worship session singing to Hosanna to the King of Kings, uplifting our God high which ended with “ancient words ever true, changing me and changing you, we have come with open hearts, oh let the ancient words impart”. After the welcome speech, the sound of the harmonized violins and soulful orchestra put chivers down my spine as we wait in anticipation of the start of the year long awaited conference. Back on our feet we rose to “hallelujah”. The atmosphere is charged. Yes, the Accra symphony orchestra has got God’s children fired up tonight!

The crowd applaud Dr. Mensa Otabil onto the stage to welcome and introduce tonight’s key speaker. God is going to touch our lives. Our miracle is right here tonight! Whoever opens the conference starts the tone of the conference so tonight, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the opening key note speaker who will take us onto higher grounds.


Zechariah 1:17-21….destroying the horns of oppression. Pastor Ashimolowo’s message of deliverance and increase. What’s the use of a dream if it can’t be fulfilled. Every aspirations of our hearts shall be a reality. Amen! This has been prophesied tonight. What took our parents 10 years to achieve we will achieve in 10 months. God will enlarge our territories. Our stories will change. The harder the opposition comes the harder they fall. When our season of turn around comes, no one can stop us. Victory is already ours.

The devil tries to stop us with the following horns:

1 – the horn of limitation…the devil is a liar! We will go far! We should never limit ourselves. There is so much we can achieve but our minds limit our vision, telling us we can not succeed beyond a certain level. No more limits! We are barrier breakers, line crossers! You know, it’s as if he read my mind earlier when he was telling us we would own houses on an entire street. I thought to myself, hmmm how is that possible? How many streets are there and how will little me own houses on an entire street? I condemned my abilities and possibilities with limitation. But what makes those who own many houses any more special than me? Today , any limitation the enemy put on us is removed. Amen! Our destiny is so great! It’s not where we started but where we are going.

2- the horn of hindrance…1 Thessalonians 2:13…when the enemy tries to stop us, we should persevere with thanksgiving to God. Those who hinder and reject us will regret it.

3 – the horn of the devourer wanting to destroy…they didnt know us when we had nothing. They are attacking us because we are chosen by God. They are trying to devour us because we are not typical. When they see us, they will run. God will silence and stop them! The spirit of the devourer shall not touch us! We can’t allow our destinies to be tempered with. Devourers are liars. God will expose and silence them. Any one who is in our lives, to make us wither, to waste our season, are devourers and are silenced in Jesus Name.

4 – the horn of lack….satan doesn’t mind bombarding unbelievers with so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Our levels will change. God will give us all that we need to get us where He wants us. The days of blessings will come and God will lift us! We will go from local to global. We are gifted and anointed and we have great opportunities waiting for us! We need to get out of the box. Reach for our blessings and connections. Heaven will make us laugh again. The enemy can’t put or keep us down. Favour and testimony will follow us.

OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! It doesn’t matter where and how we started. What matters is where God is taking us! There is victory in the house. We are stepping out of the old into new Favour! There will be a turn around. Amen!

What got this Catholic girl so engrossed into the ICGC Greater Works? Last year my friend Habiba randomly called me and asked if I would like to go to the 2012 Greater Works Conference with her. Without hesitation I said yes even though it meant sneaking out of work at 2 pm every day that week. Good thing my boss was in Europe for the summer. She said to me ” I usually come alone Debbie but something is telling me to invite you”. I thank God for that moment and Habiba’s life for introducing me to this amazing forum for God’s children.


It was fun. We would get to Christ Temple 3 hours early in order to get good seats. Waiting for the program to start, we would say a lot of silly things to each other just so we could laugh. I would take photos to document our moment and after the conference, we would head for popcorn or Khebab. Tonight Habiba treated me to Ginger Bissap (sobolo) and spring rolls. God bless Habi!

By the way, these photos of us are from last year’s conference. Tonight I asked her if her husband would join us tomorrow and she said “when I told him I was coming with you, he said, ei these Nelson girls and church!” Lol….She was a Nelson until she stole his last name. You see women are such traitors. After all our father’s years of loving and caring for us, we drop their names in a heart beat to love for a stranger. Oh girls!

It was a good evening and I wanted to share it you. Come back tomorrow for Day Two at the ICGC Greater Works conference.

Good Night 🙂



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  1. Debs, here is my point of departure. By saying the devil throws money at people, are we saying God is incapable of blessing and therefore, He will swap places so we have have the wealth thrown by the devil??? No way! My God is not that kinda God! That;s not he evidence from the Bible. The fact is, are God’s children able to step into and walk in the blessing He created before creation? We we not filled with so much doubt and envy of the one who’s blessed (we attribute it to the devil) that we rob ourselves of blessings? Are they not sooo greedy , they keep every little to ourselves and fail to share and support each other to come into the blessings of God? Abraham invited Lot to come and live with him and established him. Eventually, he asked Lot to choose before him which part of the land he wanted. Lot went on to mismanage what he had and lost it, also as his choice was lead by greed, he did not prosper…. Abraham on the other hand was the opposite…. There are principles that govern wealth and its management – Christians ought to get it! The body of Christ ought to get it! In Acts – there is talk about sharing all and abounding in every good work…that is long lost, its only leaders and the clique that sadly benefit. Its time Christians used God given abilities to solve the worlds problems and become significant! Its more than being wealthy and having riches, its more about sharing the love of Christ in the little that you have, thinking and doing massive, believing that God has already supported our walk of faith!


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