2013 Greater Works Conference – Day Two

My phone went off at 3:39 pm and it was Habiba saying she had arrived, followed by multiple of text messages to make sure I hurry there as my reserved seat is being fought for. Rushing through traffic I arrive at 5:39, a few minutes earlier than yesterday. Walked into the prayer session which is done for an hour before the conference starts and the prayer point I arrived at was “Ask God to open the heavens over your life and speedily manifest every promise and provision for your family that has delayed”. The next prayer point was “Prophesy that you are breaking the barrier of the oppressor and stepping into a new season of progression” and finally “Ask God to speak to your heart”.

Draw me close to you, never let me go…I lay it all down again to hear You say that I am Your friend…You are my desire, no one else will do…nothing else could take Your place to feel the warmth of Your embrace…help me find the way…bring me back to You…help me know You are near…You are all I want…You are all I have ever needed…help me know You are near…

Hallelujah for The Lord Almighty Reigns! Here in the love of Christ I stand.

Seeing the choir jump with joy praising our God on stage gets the crowd warmed up to what the night has in store for God’s children tonight. If our God is for and with us, who and what can stand against us! There is no God like Jehovah.

After the welcome message, on stage we have Mid-Night Crew from Nigeria!!! The crowd is going crazy! I wish my Auntie was here. She spent months learning to sing Egwe word for word. Do you know how hard it is to learn a song in a language you don’t understand or speak? It makes appreciate that Chinese choir who sings songs in Twi. Shamefully I don’t know their name.

God is working for our good….I for begin dey praise even before You answer…Baba God You are faithful….These people are given me goose bumps, the sound of the drums, the soulful voice of the lead singer and the words they exalt unto our King, making us shout and scream praising The Lord. Even the old and aged are rejoicing, dancing with their white handkerchieves waving glory to the King. The vibration in the speakers is an experience you don’t want to miss.

A dramatic act follows up on stage by the young group Spirit. The sound of the trumpets, the dark soldiers march on in a fight against God’s people who fight back not with swords or arms but with prayer, calling out on God’s name. God responds, I hear you call my name, and comes to rescue his children into victory. They spend all night singing praises to God forever.we need to spend our whole lives loving God forever for He always fights our battles and gives us peace in our worst days. Seriously, how do these youngsters have so much energy to jump to every beat coming through those speakers! Oh no, the dark knights are back again, and just as they launch their missiles, the Holy Spirit appears. Guess what happens next, the dark knights turn around and start fighting and stabbing each other. God’s children are once again on the winning side. There is no God like Jehovah!

Tonight Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s focus is on Genesis 26 – Opening The Wells Of Greatness. The deeper the well, the fresher, the purer it will be. The deeper the well, the cooler the water is. The deeper the well, the better it is. It costs more to dig a deep well but the outcome is marvelous. God is about to do greater things for us. God wants to dig deep wells in our lives so that we can prosper. Wells of greatness. Depth in our success. The world will hear from us!

But first of all, you must know that the enemy of your life is fighting you so you need to discover the fullness of God and His mercies and tap into it and achieve greater anointing.

You must know that enemies love to fill up wells. As soon as you start something great, the enemy will try and fill up your well. As soon as the enemy senses your success, it will start trying to block your success. It’s a new season. We will take over! A lion is about to roar because we Christians are about to take over. Believe it, you are closer to your breakthrough. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Some people can’t stand your blessings but guess what, it is too late. You will be blessed, you will be famous. The reason why many people don’t experience greatness is because they don’t dig wells. The result of the well is greater than the pain of digging it. Be a fighter! Be a soldier! Things should not chase you away like grasshoppers. Grasshoppers run but warriors stay. Take territory. Fight for what belongs to you. Let us contend for the faith that was handed over to us. Fight for your blessings. Turn to what God has for you. You are surrounded by enemies but some things are worth fighting for.

You need to separate yourself from others to stand out. The world needs to know a new king has arrived. The wall of separation means you will not fail. It just dawned on me that God had to separate me for me to stand out, to be distinguished. God anointed my head with oil. That’s how God created me, and I do not apologize for that. Who God has blessed, no man can curse. It is not about the noise, it is about the impact. The breakthrough is not in the well but the one behind the well. God will lead you to breakthrough and blessings. From today you would have victory. Heaven will silence your enemies and all those who point fingers at you. God has enlarged us!

The season of loneliness and abundance, gossip or pain has passed. True maturity is shown not in your answer but silence. You can never misquote silence. Those who mock you are mocking your God but Heaven would fight for you. When it is dark in your life, it is only for a while. The light will shine on you soon. There are certain breakthroughs that when you experience, even those who don’t like you will see and call you blessed. God’s blessings will stay with you. God will fight your fights and make you untouchable. The enemies will run from you.

The day will come where those who persecuted you will regret it. They shut an old well for you. A better well has come. God takes you from one well to the city of Bersheba! It is good to be afflicted so that you can know the favour of God! What was a battle would become a blessing.

I am sure you haven’t said so many Amens in a while! He he he!


Come back for Day 3!


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