2013 Greater Works Conference – Day Four

Sadly, we did not get to church until close to 7:00 pm! So bad. Why? Well, we set off much later today. We set off at 4:30 pm and Eric decided to take another route and you know what happens when you do that? You end up not saving any time. Not so happy about that but hey! He knows not to try any such gimmicks tomorrow and we will set off much earlier as it will be the last day of the conference and the night of anointing. Moreover traffic in Accra is always worse on Fridays. Anyway, we are here now so let’s get on with the program. Mid-Night crew are currently ministering on stage.

No other name, no other name is like the name of Jesus. Redeemer name…Nobody greater than God…Thank You Lord, thank You Jesus. You are the most high, You are the most high God.

By the way, Auntie Christie (Auntie Mahogany) joins us today so I told Habiba to let go of my reserved seat so that I sit with her. Her first experience of the Greater Works Conference. I will ask her thoughts on it after the night ends. She is currently engrossed in it, seriously watching Spirit’s performance. On the row behind us are Mira, Thelma and her twin sister Theresa with their mother Mrs. Plange. Behind them is Jerry looking like a good boy, lol. Oh Sugar Face, as Auntie calls him. I will tell you why she calls him that another day. This is definitely not the appropriate platform for that story. Not on a Greater Works post.

We are all blessed to be here tonight. We could be anywhere right now, in a sad, lonely, low, empty, sick place but we are all alive to be here to hear God’s word following His awesome praise. And today, God has blessed my mother with another year. I thank God for His mercies on her and pray that He continues to guide and protect her, blessing her with many more years, good health, long life and prosperity. Amen!

So many delegates have come from Francophone African countries to experience the goodness of God with us. These countries do not have the opportunities to hold the kind of Christian Conferences we are blessed to experience. Francophone Africa hasn’t tasted the peace and blessings of Ghana. We pray tonight for them, praying for increase and growth in their ministry, and for peace in their nations. We pray for more souls to be saved and for God to be with them. We pray for God’s divine favor to be upon them. We pray for their countries’ economical growth and success.

Tonight, we are honored to have Bishop Tudor Bismark to preach to us. An anointed man from Zimbabwe. Tonight he is preaching on Wills and Minds. Ephesians 1:9 and 1st Chronicles 21:1-26


God said He will give us pastors to feed us with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15. Every brain has a mind and within every mind, there is an attitude or believe-system. And with every attitude or believe-system there is a shaper or moulder, and with every shaper or moulder, there is an agenda. We in the end become a result of the agenda.

5 wills influence our choices and decisions. These are:

1 – The will of God. God has a will for us so when we pray, we are encouraged to say, May Thy Will Be Done. He has an amazing will for us. We always underestimate God’s will for our lives. But God has great plans for us. We must live according to God’s will. We need to find out what God’s will for our lives are.

2 – The devil’s will. The devil wants to embarrass and destroy us.

3 – The will of man. We have all been affected by human will. The will of man shapes a person. We need to be careful how we raise our kids because our will will influence their lives.

4 – Your will. We make every decision in the realm of our will. Develop a will of expectation for your life. Expect good things and live by that will. Human will is very powerful so when making decisions, make a good decision because the decision you make affects many people around you and generations to come.

5 – Corporate will. This is where you get a group of people who believe in one thing. The reason corporate will is powerful is the different gifts together manifests good blessings. Activation of corporate wills can move mountains. Find people who believe in and with you.

Where we are right now is not where we are supposed to be. It is not where God wants us to be. God has great plans for us. He wants to elevate us unto higher levels. Let’s pray that God blesses us with 100 times more. God is able and will make a way for our elevation.

We have to do something with our lives!


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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Inspiring!!!


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