2013 Greater Works Conference – Day Three

…Lord You are awesome, Lord You are great…I don’t know where I’ld be without You. You are awesome, You are faithful, You are mighty…Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and might!

I am sooo late today! It is 6:25 pm and I just threw my bag into my seat and joined the praising and worshiping crowd. Auntie Christie made me, Eric, Thelma, Mira and Jerry (staff of Think Mahogany) late as we stayed home till late having her birthday celebration lunch. Hmmm that Jollof Rice, Yam Balls, Grilled Chicken, Spiced Gizzards and Quiche Lorraine from Shebrews followed by cupcakes from Kakes n’ Bakes and strawberry and vanilla cake from Lamie Design. What a sinful lunch! When we were about to set off, my friend Diana dropped by to hand me her wedding invitation and when she saw my staff matching behind me at 4 pm heading to a church service, she asked if I forced them to go to church just because I am leaving work early for church, laughing, Jerry responded noooooo! That’s our church! If anything she, Eric and Mira are guests as Thelma and I are members of ICGC and we are more than happy to follow her to church.






Igwe!!! It feels like a party up in here! Mid-Night Crew sure have a fun base! A massive one at that! Lifting God up higher and higher. You are wonderful oh God.

The third night, is the resurrection night. A destiny changing night where God is going to do something supernatural in our lives. Tonight’s speaker is Bishop Mike Okonkwo, the seasoned man of God. I am glad we made it tonight.

Numbers 23:19, 1st Corinthians 2:1-5…Your faith should not be in man’s wisdom but in God alone. God is not a man! God is your desire. Whatever we need in our lives is God. Those that know their God shall be strong. 1st Peter 1:2…When you are in pursuit of God on a daily basis, the quality of your life will improve. The gates of hell shall not prevail in a Christian’s life. We are unstoppable.

God does not function like a man. God makes alive every living! Whatever you are unable to do, God will let you take it with speed. Whether the devil likes it or not, you will enter God’s place for you. He makes all things beautiful in His time. He will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. We are called to be blessed. We are blessed! So chill and let God be God. Your blessings are already in store for you.

Singing to and dancing to ” That is why You are called Jehovah, what You say You will do, that is what You will do. That is why You are called Jehovah” God is not man!

The Zamar Band closes off the night with an amazing bass acoustic and drum sound of the popular song “whana na ortiser wu oh”

Now where is that Bissap lady? And guess who is spotted buying popcorn! Ama Bartels and Gertrude Osei-Assibey. My people!


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  1. hahaha!! Aunty’s bday pics were distracting me!!! Can’t wait to read today’s tomorrow 🙂 You are the best Aunty Ribbon!!!


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