2013 Greater Works Conference – Day Five

Today, Auntie and I left home at 3:10 pm and got to church at 5:15 pm. 2 hours drive in, usually 30 minutes drive back home. I headed straight to the book shop to order my recordings of the week on cds and bought a few books, then went to my seat. On this shopping trip I saw Sandi (Diva Delicious), Nelly (Duaba Serwa), Edith (Steven Adusei Photography) and Auntie May’s brother and children (my favorite baked pork cook). After them, my auntie said not to stop and talk to anyone anymore. I have been told!

We pray that the light from God’s word will dispel every darkness in our minds and cause us to function beyond our age and experience. Ask the Holy Spirit to break every limitation to our breakthrough and anoint us with a thousand times more blessings. We apply the blood of Jesus as a covering for the church and our family and declare that no weapon against us shall prosper.

We thank You good God. You are God alone, from before time began, You were on Your throne. And right now, in the good times and the bad, You still are on Your throne. Unchangeable and unstoppable. You are wonderful and worthy God.

I am surrounded by so many people, old and young who have all gathered here today praising One God from the depth of their hearts. Christians are hungry for God. Even children have raised their hands, with their eyes closed, singing out loud to our God. Let Our King be lifted high, Hosanna! He has turned our mourning into dancing, our sorrows into joy. This is how we overcome. Our redeemer lives. Our feet are planted on this rock. You should be here, the place is shaking! God’s children screaming at the tops of their voices and jumping freedom in great expectation and celebrating answered, unanswered and prayers yet to be answered! Dear God, we are all here today with our individual heart’s desires. Please have mercy on each and every one of us, and bless us oh Lord.

Tonight is the final night of the 2013 Greater Works Conference. The night of Communion and Anointing with Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil and preaching by Bishop Tudor Bismark on Prisoners of Hope. Zechariah 9:12 and 2nd King 8:1-6.

Rather be a poor Christian than a rich man who does not know God. Everything God does starts small. God believes in the principles of small beginnings. Have hope that with the small beginning you will eventually have a great finish. Be a prisoner of hope, not a prisoner without hope.

There are 3 classifications of prisoners without hope:

1 – the devil, fallen angels and demons
2 – those that died without God
3 – those who do not know The Lord as their Savior

There are 3 classifications of prisoners with hope:

1 – those that died in Christ
2 – those who are serving The Lord now
3 – those that are yet to be saved

Come out as a prisoner of hope. Don’t die without God. There is power, healing and deliverance in the blood. The blood will let you overcome the devil. Stand on the promise of God. As a prisoner of hope, your future is set! Tonight, prisoners are being set free. The people who are prisoners without hope shall become prisoners of hope. Amen!

Don’t die with things in you as prisoners without hope. Die trying. Be determined not to be a prisoner without hope. Go after the vision God has given you. Don’t miss out on the chances God is giving you. Grab God’s given opportunities. On your journey, be careful who you listen to and why. How you hear things determine your future and breakthrough. God’s promise is coming on our lives. We shall be singing in our blessings. Let’s not get depressed or suicidal when things go sour. Tell the devil, you are a prisoner with hope, keeping hope alive.

If you have been living your life like a prisoner without hope, God will restore you. It’s not too late. If you feel like you have missed out on many opportunities whilst you lived as a prisoner without hope, your story will change. God is about to restore all that you lost. Your hope is not lost. The power of God will raise you up. Your best days are coming. Your anointing is being activated. You will get back all that you have lost. You are a prisoner of hope, arise!!!

Tonight is certainly a powerful night. I thank God 🙂

As I walk to the car, guess who shouts my name? Sandi and Nelly 🙂




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  1. You are soO on point. Loooove your blog.


  2. Yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!! I’ve got lots of that hope!! Thank u Debbie! As i read it all it actually felt like I was right there at Christ Temple!!!


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