Sunday Series: Episode 1

Sunday Series 1

I am not a great fan of cooking. My Auntie Christie thinks it is a very bad thing. She could be right. The thing is, I do know how to cook! I just don’t enjoy cooking. I didn’t mind it so much before I signed up for the 3 months culinary course with Flair Catering School. Hmmm…Waking up at 5 am every saturday to get to school at 6 and spend all day on your feet in a heated kitchen, followed by cleaning at 5 pm is not the easiest of things. Every saturday, I would cook for 6 people, a 6 course meal, all at the same time. And it was a very hot kitchen. There were about 12-15 cookers on at the same time all day if I remember clearly as here were so many of us taking the class at the same time. You can only imagine how hot it got. And we had to have the food ready by a certain time so there was no break! Oh that experience!!! I learnt how to make some amazing things but it has ruined cooking pleasures for me. Thats for sure!

But guess what! I do have friends who love to cook. They find it therapeutic they say! Interesting. What I find therapeutic is getting a massage or facial with my headphones on, listening to some good music in a scented room.

Anyway… Last weekend, Jacky Jay the Mukase Chic and Kim of Kimberry’s were on Instagram showing off their cooking skills. Frimpomaa of Sweet Cakes by Frimpsey was aroused and decided to join them. Next thing I saw, she was also uploading photos of her cooking too. These women decided to call it the “Sunday Series” (Showing off their culinary skills on a Sunday afternoon). The Mukase chic gave me half of the Quiche Lorraine she made where as Kim shared her Roast Lamb with Lydia. I am not sure who Frimpomaa gave her Quiche Lorraine to. I dare not ask either! It could be her new “gym partner”.


My phone rings at 7 am this morning and it is Frimpomaa inviting me over to lunch. The Sunday Series: Episode 1. I was half asleep but it was an opportunity I would not miss. Not so much because of the food but for the photos I will be taking of the food and the kind of conversation we will be having at the table. When we get together, we do have some “interesting” chats!

For Starters, she made Honey Glaced Jerk Pork Ribs.

main course

For the main course, she made Braised Lamb Shank on a bed of Spicy Cheese and Onion Mash served with Roasted Root Vegetables and Red Wine and Rosemary Infused Gravy.


For dessert she made Raspberry and Blackberry Cheesecake Brownie and served it with Moet Nectar Rose.

Below is Frimpomaa in her element. She “hooked” it up!


At the table was Yaa, Jordan, Nana Kofi, Michelle, Onasis, the host and myself. It was great company. Conversation ranged from politics to sex. Two hot topics over good food and a bit of alcohol in between a group of great open minded people. I soon retired in the couch and was contributing from there whilst editing photos on my lap top. I was far yet very close he he he.

guests 2

Frimpomaa promises to have us come over again the second weekend of next month. Come back soon to find out who will be featured on Episode 2 of the Sunday Series.


Have a great week!


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