Mahogany Weddings: Efua and Kwame

Efua and Kwame 4

There are some clients who become your friends naturally and Efua and Kwame are no exception!

Efua’s cousin Golda had been trying to get a hold of me on her behalf for a long time and she finally did. Soon after I met Efua herself, along with her pretty daughter Maame and her friend, the maid of honour Bella.

So we started planning towards the big day. I must add that Efua and Kwame’s wedding was the most stress free wedding I have ever planned. Wow! The relief I even get thinking back about it! She never blew up my phone “unnecessarily”, she believed what I said to her, she was confident I would do what I said I would do, she didn’t doubt me at all. BUT! I must also give credit to Golda. She was an amazing support pillar for Efua and helped me beyond my wish.

First came along the Hen Night. That was fun!!! And we got our popular cake from Sweet Cakes by Frimpsey. The Hen and Bachelor Party Cake Specialist he he he. Lets move on swiftly before I get frowned at by the people who do not sin.

Efua and Kwame

Of course, with my dealings with them, I learnt more about my wonderful new friends. Efua and Kwame met in June 2007 at her cousin’s naming ceremony in Cheshunt in the UK.  At the time, Kwame was on posting in the UK and Efua was on holidays. Apparently when Kwame was invited to the event, he refused to attend unless he was promised to be given a girlfriend at the event so Golda who knew Kwame before hand promised Kwame he would definitely get a girlfriend at the party. I must tell you, Kwame is a character! One of the funniest men I have met. He has a heart of gold. Very kind, hospitable, friendly and honest. Full of life! He sure knows how to keep a happy home. Lately, when I have had stressful days, I would drive over to theirs for something to eat and drink and take a nap. I barely even do that with people I have known longer.

Anyway, so they were both at the event. Efua at the time was staying away from “boys” because of her past heart breaking experiences. That day, many “boys” tried to collect her number but she gave all of them the wrong number except Kwame. Now, who can say NO to “Man Like Shaka”? LOL…That is his nick name by the way. Shaka! She claims he got the number because he was a great dancehall music dancer and she loves dancehall music. Hmmmm, I don’t know if that was all but hey!

Efua and Kwame 2

After the event, he called her, they spoke for hours and enjoyed talking to each other. He finally took her out on a date. He took her to a dancehall music pub. Here is a man who knows how to please his woman 🙂 He knew to do what she would like. Man Like Shaka! Ha ha ha…. They both had fun, well Efua confessed she had an amazing time however she got moody when he told her she had to stay over at his because it was too late for her to catch the train home that night. She was upset! She was wondering if he had other intentions. She was not amused! But Kwame called Efua’s Aunt and explained that it was too late to catch the train and the Aunt gave approval for a first sleep over. Ok ok ok, don’t get excited. Nothing happened! Efua turned down Kwame’s offer on the guest room. He went to bed and left her standing in the living room. She being afraid or maybe uncertain of what Shaka could do, she decided not to shut her eyes. Instead she stayed up all night cleaning his house. He woke up to a clean house. Bargain! LOL. He took her home and said thank you to his Aunt. What a gentleman! After the summer, Efua came back to Ghana. Kwame followed up in September to meet her family and propose. They got engaged in December 2007. So here is the trick girls, when he takes you home, don’t get into his bed. Instead, stay up and clean up. You might get lucky ha ha ha. Thats just a joke. Efua is an amazing girl. I can see how any man would fall in love with her. Very humble, kind, calm, friendly, loving and a good friend to have. By the way, the engagement was on her birthday 🙂

Efua and Kwame 5

Of course, I asked how he proposed. Kwame asked her to meet him at his office. He was sitting in the car with his friends. As soon as he saw her, he jumped out, hugged her, kissed her and got on his knees and asked politely, if she would marry him. Without even thinking about it, she said Yes! Mrs Shaka!!! Well she made it Shakress 🙂 Thats her nick name now. After her boo, Shaka.

Kwame said, when Efua left UK that summer, he felt empty. He wanted her near all the time. She showed him signs and attributes of a good woman, a woman to make a wife. And everything happened so quickly. Efua did say that before going to UK that summer, she told God in prayer that she was ready to meet her husband and guess what, she did! So it wasn’t the cleaning up, it was asking God for something and Him being God, answering to His child’s desires.

Efua also added that she wouldn’t say the relationship has been all fun. NO! They have had their ups and downs but at the end of the day they work out their differences. For her, one thing that keeps their bond together till today is LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT and PRAYERS. The most challenging moments in their relationship or marriage is keeping a happy home, making her hubby and daughter happy at all times however, her most cherished moments would be the times she gets to spend with Kwame all alone…lol. EFUA EFUA EFUA SHAKRESS!

Efua and Kwame 3

The wedding took place in July 2012. For the theme, she wanted something simple but elegant. She didn’t have to try so many wedding gowns on, she saw it and loved it. Kwame chose her second gown. The ring and cake was all love at first sight.

Efua always says that her wedding day was a very happy one. She felt fulfilled, loved and had a good time. This bride of mine threw off her high heel shoes and put on her snickers so she could party! The night ended up in a nite club with her wedding gown on her. I was too tired to follow the party but apparently, the look on people’s faces were funny. I am sure it is rare in Ghana to see brides in clubs in their wedding gowns with a crazy bridal train. You can see a short clip of the wedding here.

The Theme – Simple and Elegant

The Colours – All White for the Ceremony and Burgundy, Ivory and Gold for the Reception

The Venue – The Lizzy Sports Centre, East Legon, Accra

Event Styling – Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane

The Bride’s Bouquet – Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane

The Wedding Cake – Fairy Dust

Photography – Capture Your Memory Bank and Nicki Photography

Videography – Possible Image

Hair & Make-Up – Kukie’s Palour


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