Mahogany Weddings: Pretty and Peter

Pretty and Peter

Singing along to “I Do” by Boys II Men…I’m telling the world here and now that I’m gonna love you and love you. I take this vow, you captured my heart so long ago…I promise a life you won’t regret. For better or worse, no one can reverse the way that I’ve felt since we met. You ain’t seen nothing yet….

How they met: Pretty met Peter at a house party. When she got there this “arrogant and cocky” guy came up to her and asked for her number. She did not give him the correct number but years later they met at a work place and here they are now. She admitted she first didn’t like his attitude because he was too sure of himself and she thinks that’s what got her attention. So who proposed? I asked! Peter did but she says it wasn’t very romantic. They went to Hampton Gardens (The Ring Place) and he asked her what kind of ring she would like? And she did show him what she wanted but he instead said “oh he’s thinking of two years…” One day she came back from work and he came into the room and said u know “I love you” and she replied ‘yes” then he says “well there you go!” and that’s how he proposed…it wasn’t so romantic she says once more but “I guess he did what he had to do!” Lol. Oh Peter!

Here is their story ☺

Pretty and Dedo 2
Their first kiss? They went to her cousin’s house, Kabutey for a get together and the lights went off whilst they were doing slow dances, “suddenly, this huge Peter just lunches a kiss on her and she’s like wow!”. She adds that, it was nice though not romantic. She says it was “sokod3”

Peter in one word: He’s full of life; she is boring, he is fun. She’s more of the control type where everything has to be organized, planned, prepared. Whilst Peter is random.
What is your most memorable moment with Peter? She replies by saying she has a lot! When she cooks he doesn’t wait for her to say he can dish the food. He just goes in to take the choicest parts of the meat. An annoying thing is that he puts the toothpaste down all the time! Whilst she likes it up and he doesn’t straighten the hand towel like the way she likes it. Another thing she adds is that when he is driving and you see Peter’s eyes roaming, you look and you see a lady and then he says “Oh! I knew her in school” and I always say “oh you didn’t, you are just staring at the “buttocks”. I hate it though, nut I must admit it is funny.

The Wingsey Story: Peter is a great chef and one day whilst at work he made a whole tray of chicken wings, she was so hungry when she came back she ate the whole tray of wings without rice *don’t judge her*. He was sleeping at that time as he had waited for so long so that when she comes, he would eat with her. About 5.30 in the morning the next day he came to shake her and asked “Pretty Pretty! Who ate the wings???” and she replied innocently “it was me oo”. He then called her mom, dad in Ghana, brother and sister and complained that Pretty had eaten a whole tray of wings. Although she ate the wings she called him Wingsey. Lol.

What do you look forward to in your marriage to Peter? She and Peter have been through their good times and bad times as most couples do but what make it comforting to be with Peter is that they are friends and no matter how bad anything is, they can always discuss it. She’s looking forward to the barbecues, laughter, and having friends around, fellowshipping together, she telling him off all the time… “The Big sister role”. Sharing good times like they have all through the years, kids running about, pulling his ears and drumming on his big stomach and enjoying the years ahead of them.

How many kids? She says, Peter is an old man. Judging by his grey beard and that ,seven kids would have been ideal but judging from the economy they would settle for what God blesses them with.

What is Peter’s favorite song? Peter is a sucker for old school, his favorite song is Romeo and Juliet but he loves this song called Casanova and then Dedo starts to sing “oh Casanova don’t you know am your Casanova”….Pretty has a great voice I must add!

Peter gives his side of the Wingsey story: Peter says he had really cooked the night before but because he was a bit full he said he would wait so in the morning he indulges on the food. He woke up early the next morning ready for some “action” to eat, opens his oven and all the wings were gone. He looks in the fridge but finds nothing. He rushes into the bedroom and questions Pretty whom had ate all. From there on they decided to call her Wingsey.

How did you get the name Finger? Peter says that is a difficult story to tell and he would rather not tell….Lol. I leave you to guess the story behind Finger.

Peter gives his side of the proposal? He lied to her he was going to work but went to buy the ring and came back, went in the bedroom and got on his knees. She was quite surprised and said yes. However, Pretty says he didn’t and he said he did get on his knees, only just halfway because he had cramps. The rest is history.

How did Peter feel? He felt very excited and if she had said no he would have been quite worried, scared and his life would have crumbled. How sweet☺ but she did say yes so he’s in a perfect position now. Pretty says he was very excited that he took a bold step to move the relationship forward because the ring symbolizes a lot.

Pretty and Peter 3

About his biceps? He replies “Moschular 1” and says it’s her fault. But you can’t help but indulge in the food she comes up with. Peter says he would work on it because it seems Pretty really likes it. Now they blame each other for making each other fat. So who do we believe now? They all say “me”. Pretty is a perfect cook he says and so he can’t help but to eat it.

Why he eats the chunkiest part of the meat she keeps for herself? Peter says apparently women are not supposed to compete with men with their food so he gives her the bony part and gets the chunky part. Pretty says Peter has done something that has hurt her over and over again over the years and it is because whenever she tells Peter to keep food for her he would take the bones and put them aside for her. Peter says he doesn’t do that intentionally….Shame Peter!

If they were to have this interview again in 20 years what would they say about each other? Peter would say he would marry his best friend because she is absolutely funny, gorgeous, intelligent, and beautiful and everything he would want in a woman and more. She’s still stubborn but doesn’t expect that to change because that’s what keeps him in check. Dedo replies with an “awww thank you”

How does Peter feel about her friends? He likes her friends but she is an individual that gets worn out with friendship quite quickly because she likes her space and he respects that whilst he likes a lot of people around so they balance it off. She is a bit of an introvert whilst he’s an extrovert like *Ying Yang twins*.

What does Peter say about his eyes lingering around and the accusation of his denial? Peter says it’s not the case because his eyes are quite small so he needs to open them just to make sure he is seeing the right person. But that has nothing to do with the big buttocks.

What advice would you give to your best friend if he was getting married? He would say that it is the best thing to do in the world whilst Pretty says marriage is a great thing of two friendships coming together.

What’s Peter’s most enduring trait? Pretty says he’s got a few and that sometimes he does random hugs and cuddles when she’s cooking. Whilst she is trying to get the chicken done he comes from nowhere and gives her a hug. She sometimes pushes him away and he says she hurts his feelings when she does that. She’s hoping that they never get to the point where he says “can you see the gutter right there?” in Fante, and that he would always be gentle towards her, open doors for her and tell her there is a gutter ahead of her. Peter says “absolutely because he’s a perfect gentleman”

Now I am sure you can see for yourselves, what a hilarious pair I have as my friends.

You can watch the wedding video trailer here.

You can check out more photos of their wedding here.

The Theme – Soft and Elegant
The Colours – Ivory, Mint and Peach
The Venue – Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church and St Giles Event Centre
Event Styling – Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane
The Bride’s Bouquet – Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane
The Wedding Cake – Dream Desserts
Photography – Lightville Photography
Videography – One Shot Studios
Hair & Make-Up – Luxe D’Visage


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