My Epic Love Story!

It’s been a long minute, yes I know.

I am back!

imageWelcome to Think Mahogany, where your events are in good hands.
There are no faults in your stars so don’t let the sky ever make you sad.

Use your wish. Come quickly and taste your world.
All I am trying to say is, I am pretty awesome.
Omg! Stop flirting with me.
I am just a creative small town girl who has evolved into an Event Stylist, Brand Communicator, Photographer and Community Outreach Volunteer
I am the MD of Think Mahogany and the Co-Founder of STaSS
I am just saying!
Maybe not, I just may be in love with my blessings.
And the violin plays on but hip hop swiftly kicked in. Do I hear High life too?
I long to dance just as much as I long to ride a bike but I am afraid I can’t keep momentum.
God wishes to see us happy.
Where there is hope, there is life.
A beautiful life.
Your first good day is certainly not your last good day.
Slowly it all happened all at once.
And I screamed out loud!
It’s my turn!!!
I am so lucky!
Blessed and Eternally Thankful

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