A Number 1 Fan

rob1-300x300 This winning talent is an animation artist dedicated to representing a vision through art. Inspired by comics and storytelling, He has developed his craft and specialises in various form of animation and character design. He is currently a freelancer with an intense focus on generating creator owned content. He has achieved many feats within his career, he has earned an accolade from Royal Television Society Awards as well as recognition at the Nemo festival and the Children Film’s festival Seattle. This motivated individual aims to inspire future generations, especially young Africans with an interest in various forms of art.  He has worked very hard at improving as an artist and to create work that brings something to the lives of others. He feels that his determination to art is one of the main reasons why he deserves to be known amongst the best.  He is extremely passionate about telling stories through pictures and work very hard at his craft. Art isn’t something he does, it is his way of life. rob-300x300When he was asked “What inspired you to pursue art?”, he replied: “I always loved comics and animation as a child, my older brother was also an artist and seeing the excellent drawings he had done, was an early catalyst that set me on my path. Ghana has a beautiful culture of bright visuals and storytelling intrinsic to all aspects of our culture, I feel that I subconsciously absorbed this as a child and it became a formative part of my world perception. I discovered that drawing brought me a sense of calm, it is something I love to do and once the realisation hit that it was something I could earn a living through, I set on the path to reach professional levels. My greatest inspiration is that someday I could inspire others as I was inspired by the artists that came before me”. profile1My name is ROBERT NELSON I am an Animation Artist specialising in storyboards for animation, working in both feature length and TV series animation. I have experience working in studios In England, Wales and Luxembourg. Animation, Comics and Art has always been a great passion of mine, I garnered interest from an early age browsing the collections of french comics in my God Mother’s study in Togo, trawled book stores and second hand book shacks in Ghana and Comic book shops in England and France. My passion has never wained and has become my occupation, I live and breathe sequential art. I have no memories of a time before my love of comics and animation, it isn’t simply an interest it is a part of who I am as much as storytelling is a part of the cultures I was born from. robert_artwork_1 I graduated with a degree in Animation Production from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2008, during the throws of the financial crisis while work was scarce with studios shutting down due to lack of funding and public interest. It was a difficult time for the industry which has been rebuilding itself since. In the midst of this I have developed my skills through experience working with studios and other artists as well as developing skills in writing in hopes of one day returning to Ghana to set up my own animation studio and generate creator owned content to inspire future generations of young africans with an interest in these forms of art. I currently work as a freelance storyboard artist/animation artist in London/Milton Keynes while developing scripts for my own shows and books, the creative process is a lonely one faced with a blank page on a daily basis creating something from nothing, using the all of the experience lived and learnt to invoke an emotional response from a silent audience. This challenge fulfils me, I live for the art. robert_artwork_2A NUMBER 1 FAN It brings me inner peace, humbles my heart and gives me joy knowing that this winning talent is a part of my story.  He is a calm spirit bottled with fizzy creativity searching for that breakthrough.  That one breakthrough! I made the choice to be his number one fan the moment I was first introduced to him.  I remember that Sunday 13th October so clearly.  It was in 1985, I was having a sleep over weekend at my mum’s friend Nesty’s house in Lome, Togo.  I was 3 years old, playing in the sand when my tall handsome father walked up to me and around 4 pm saying he was there to pick me up.  I wasn’t so pleased that I had to go back home but oh well.  I followed and on the way home we made a stop over at Dr. Fiadjo’s clinic where my mum and her new baby was. childhood_robair2 Now, I don’t remember what my mum looked like that day but in my older age now, I can imagine she was worn out from her labour.  She recently told me she was in labour from 2 am till he popped out through natural birth at 2:45pm.  I don’t think she was laying in her hospital bed with make up on, big hair and long acrylic nails like she usually has now.  It wasn’t about her that moment.  It was about the new Robert Fabio Kafui Kossi Nelson.  The hero that became sibling to my older brother Michel and I.   Michel is 11 years older than him so definitely carried him more. He was a very mischievious and naughty child, not friendly and a fighter.  It still amazes me how he has grown into the gentle, calm, trouble free, focused and hardworking man that he is.  Definitely much friendlier now and plants strawberries and tomatoes with my mother’s retired friend Judith in the back garden. Find out more of his work at http://www.rob-air.com/ Instagram handle: @RobairKafui Twitter handle: @RobairKafui


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