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People always ask why the name Think Mahogany, when and how did we start.

We started as Mahogany Events and our first event was on 6th March 2010. We worked alongside Open Hands Nigeria on the 2010 AMAA Awards held at the Mensvic Hotel, Accra.

A couple of years down the line, Another company got registered as Mahogany Consult and they also do events. When I found out and went to Registrar General to find out how and why they would allow two different companies to be running event companies, both in Accra with the names Mahogany Events and Mahogany Consult??? I was told the other company did not mention events on their registration. They registered as a human resources company.

As a pace setting leader, even though I was annoyed especially when I found out that they registered after me and they knew who we were, and even went on to use my photos to convince clients that they work hand in hand with me, I was not going to fight an unnecessary battle!

I got thinking and I just thought “Think Mahogany”…….courtesy of @robairkafui who asked me that evening “what are you thinking about? And I replied I am Thinking Mahogany”

Then people ask. Why Mahogany? Well I wanted to name my company after a tree simply based on the bible verse Psalm 1 verse 3….

Let’s face it, can you think of any better tree name? 😊

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Leave trends to the fashion industry – Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.

~ David Airey

What does our logo represent?

Yes!  All of that is just one logo.  And I carefully thought through the seven significances during its design.

The number seven is a number of completeness and divine perfection.

  1.  Mahogany tree colour – Mahogany is a reddish brown colour.  It is approximately the colour of the mahogany wood, which is a reddish –brown timber.
  2.  Shades of a tree trunk – The wood itself, like most wood’s trunk is not uniformly the same colour or shade.
  3.  The registered trademark – A trademark is a recognisable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.
  4.  Our Slogan – Our memorable motto which says “A creative forward-thinking company”……Think…..Maho!
  5.  The colour black – We denote Power, Mystery, Strength, Authority, Elegance, Formality, Aggression, Sophistication and Professionalism
  6.  The colour pink – Feminism – advocating all rights of women equal to those of men.  Whatever a man can do, a woman can also do.
  7.  The colour grey – Masculinism – In the same disposition, we observe opinions, values, attitudes, work ethics, power, etc… Regarded as typical of men.


All our services are achievable through each of or the combination of the following business units.


Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane

Mahogany Marque

Nicki Photography

Blush Lace Bridal

The Groom’s Lounge

Mahogany Bride Ghana

Mahogany Events webpage logo

Mahogany Events by Debra-Jane is a full-service events design, styling, planning, coordination and management company. We continue to evolve and deliver creative event solutions and our philosophy is simple……Turning your event into lifetime memories!

mahogany Marque webpage logo

Mahogany Marque is a creative forward-thinking Communications, Arts and Graphic Design Agency which specializes in selling the beauty of art, graphic design, branding, logo design, marketing design as well as the production of concepts developed for media.…Creativity Unleashed!

Nicki webpage logo

Nicki Photography specializes in producing Maternity, Newborns, Infants and Children Photographs that are simple, natural and beautiful, as well as Food Photographs aimed for use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks/blogs…. Picture That!



HIV/Aids Health and Social Care Services

Breast Cancer Health and Social Care Services

Sickle Cell Health and Social Care Services


Our Mission Statement: Inspired by a passion for creativity, we will build a unique portfolio of products and services, each striving to surpass our competitors and exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, value and delivery. In doing so, we will elevate our image to be the leading provider of creative solutions and become the best in the eyes of our customers, vendors, employees and shareholders.

Our Vision Statement: The leading provider of creative solutions with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

11959986_1033644453335345_5436739690640053176_nWe haven’t made any changes to our Mission nor Vision Statements but together as a team we reviewed our 5 Company Values.

We started with 24 individual Values we individually felt Think Mahogany needed to believe in together.
As a team we narrowed it to 19 and grouped them in 5 groups based on similar attributes.
We then selected the strongest Value in each group which plays major roles in delivering our reason for being.

Our Company’s Core Values are 2PQRS:

With Passion, become Pace Setting Leaders who deliver Quality Services with Respect for each other and strive for the Success of the company.

#Pace Setting Leadership

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  1. I love think mahogany so well, especially the brand only.your works are so beautiful. God bless you.
    my name is Paul Owusu.I completed an interior decoration program with YIEDIE. and I want to have an internship with think mahogany to make me learn and know more.I have always been looking forward to have an internship with your company.


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