Mahogany Weddings: The Marriage Of Marian & Keli


Although they often prefer to remain under the radar and let their clients soak up the spotlight, publicists know how important image can be.

I am most popular for three things when it comes to Engagements or Weddings. I am usually the one:

Planning them….Styling them….Coordinating them.

Until the day Film Maker, Creative Director, Documentary Maker, Photographer Abiel Keli asked me to be his Official Publicist.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.37.59

What do you think my first reaction was?

Ha ha ha, you may have guessed the best or the worst right about now. I was honoured! Proud to have earned my spot.


Then someone would ask! What is an Event Publicist and why do you need an Event Publicist?

Before I even answer that, there is a difference between Event Coordination and Event Publicity. Brian, White Chalk The Planner is the man in charge of Coordination at this event. Making sure things go accordingly to plan, smoothly and beautifully.

I on the other hand, in charge of Event publicity is supposed to make sure all the vendors involved in the event production are of good standing, capable of delivering their best! They must qualify for their duties, including the bride, the groom, the planner and the coordinator. I am the Queen in this particular Castle. (Smiling)


I remember when Keli first introduced me to Marian Naa Borley Sackyfio. He later asked me what I thought of the woman of his heart. Today, they are married. I was clearly also one of the many that gave the thumb up.

Engagements and Weddings in our culture are very important and turn out to be very expensive too. As the publicist, I am supposed to make sure all images and videos coming out for the events are cohering, making sure they are a good representation of what transpired. The standard must critically be followed, making sure every information or image that goes out there are within authorisation and looking good with consistency.

By the way, the official hash tags for Marian Naa Borley Sackyfio and Abiel Delali Keli’s Marriage Ceremonies and Receptions are #FavorFactory and #FavorFactory2015

IMG_4887Today, Debra-Jane tells the story of the #FavorFactory

Marian and Keli ‘s Favored Love Story


The Engagement

IMG_4765It’s a beautiful Thursday Morning, the skies are blue. It’s the 1st day in October 2015, I have got my white dress on, cruised to Ed Sheeran enroute to the beautiful Engagement Ceremony. I took a selfie as proof. Ha ha ha. What a way to start one of my favourite months of the year.

I said a thanksgiving prayer: Oh faithful God, loving God, ruler of the whole world, I praise You. Some have found but do not cherish it. Few have found and know to thank You. Many are still trusting You for theirs. Today the heavens opened out onto Marian and Keli, and we sing songs of joy up to You oh Lord!

Started later than planned but once it hit the ground, it hit it running. Our culture is a treasure. Witnessed the Ga and Ewe tribes merge traditions on this occasion. A very simple and intimate event. The food was great! I must sneak that in too!


The bride was filled with laughter and joy. The groom seemed a little nervous at first but soon got right into the swing of things. Marian stole the show though! Very confident and you could see God’s glory all over her and she beautifully praised Him all along the way with songs of praise and dancing.

Lets see if Keli will steal the show at the wedding!


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Event Production Team

Event Publicist: Think Mahogany Events By Debra-Jane

Photographer: Apag Studios

Makeup Artist: Lawrencia of Sparkle and Shine

Hair Stylist: Hairmony

Bride’s Wardrobe: Adjoa Akwaboah

Groom’s Wardrobe: Glen Afwireng

Event Decor and Coordination: White Chalk The Planner

Decor Rentals: Red Carpet Events

Event Stationery: Talata Events


The Proposal


Though I have known it for the longest time,  Abiel Delali Keli & Marian Naa Borley Sackeyfio make love worth living for.

I met a couple who are both into media and their late night chats seemed like colleagues at work reviewing tasks.  But when a Film Maker, Creative Director, Documentary Maker and Photographer has a moment with an Insurance Personnel, conversation is definitely not work related (I smile at such naughty thoughts), yes, you are allowed to giggle.  Its just you and your smart phone right now.


Keli went for  an event at the Accra National Theatre about two years ago and there, one of his friends introduced him to Marian and that was it.
A year or so later they met at another mutual friend’s wedding, she went over to say hi to Keli and the rest they say is history.  I asked if it was love at first sight and Keli gave me a big NO.  I didn’t ask why the NO was so loud!  Not sure I want to know, their first kiss put it all into perspective. Never mind their first dance…..Where have you been all my life?  I have just started living!  When you say you love me, know that I love you more!
Two years of a very fruitful and purposeful journey makes it all the better and Keli proposed.   He took Marian to Aburi, where there is a theme park under construction.  It was very lovely and the moment was just perfect.   She couldn’t believe it, she was screaming and tearing up with an instant YES!   We have too many great moments in our lives to recount but we treasure our trips to Aburi a lot.
“Keli, what made you think Marian was the one at that time?”…. “Yes she has always been the one for me because we media men tend to have two lives.  The one everyone knows and our real life.  In this case she embraced the two.  Some women just want the Showbiz side of things.  Marian embraces my lives.  The one thing that keeps our bond together and still does is Trust.   Like every relationship we have our ups and downs but what ever happens we just discuss it and move on.  My lady is very good at making sure everything is settled.
The Wedding

Every moment with you is worth celebrating.  These are the words that cross my mind every time I see how he looks at his wife.  I can’t say Keli stole the show.  We all stole the show!  The Bride, The Groom, The Bridal Party, The Groomsmen, The Family, The Guests, The Vendors!



An all white with fascinator dress code in our house in Tesano.  It was champagne, crystals, and a hint of black.

They wanted something simple and homely and they got just that.
DSC_0327 DSC_0415 DSC_0176
keli said to me laughing, “I still don’t know how 600 people showed up when we invited 150 people and expected 300!”
 _OP11678 _OP11688 _OP11909 _OP11964 _OP11991
_OP12049 IMG_5285 IMG_5308 IMG_5295
Their wedding day was Favor Filled!!!
Follow @Think Mahogany on Instagram and search for the hash tag  #FavorFactory for more videos and photos from The Wedding

Event Production Team

Event Publicist: Think Mahogany Events By Debra-Jane

Photographer: Apag Studios and Emmanuel Oyeleke 

Makeup Artist: Lawrencia of Sparkle and Shine

Hair Stylist: Hairmony

Bride’s Wardrobe: Adjoa Akwaboah

Groom’s Wardrobe: Dan Morton Tailors and HTW Shoes

Wedding Car: Eurostar Limousine

Event Decor and Coordination: White Chalk The Planner

Decor Rentals: Red Carpet Events

Decor Rentals: Lionheart Events

Decor Rentals: Think Mahogany Events By Debra-Jane

Event Stationery, Drapery and Lighting: Talata Events

Paper Flowers: Nsnhyira Impressions 

DJ: DJ Mensah

MC: Jerry Adjorlolo

#FavorFactory  #FavorFactory2015  #TopWeddingsAfrica  #ThinkMahogany


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