Mahogany Weddings: Love Again – Frema and Amankwah

Last year, a lady called contacted me on Instagram asking me if I didn’t want to do her wedding for her because I wasn’t immediately responsive to her messages or calls.  To me, the wedding was so far away, but today, the wedding is over, and we still chat almost everyday! Another relationship beyond an event.

The planning journey was a painless one. A bride who wasn’t an inch of a bridezilla, a groom who knew exactly what he wanted, parents that were ever so supportive.

June 2016 felt like a decade away a year earlier. I didn’t see it coming so fast. But my father always told me that as you grow older, you find that time is not as much as we think it is.

Poster blog 4

On 3rd June, Michelle, the bride’s sister and the bride’s friends pulled off an amazing Disney Hen Party for my Mahogany Bride Frema, also popularly known as Cassie! Frema is a nice girl in a very loving way. She is not in your face but she oozes a lot of passion and care. The first time I met her, I said to my colleagues, “there is something about this girl”.


So! This Thing Called Love Again?

It Keeps Winning!

It Has Frema Grinning.

It Has Amankwah Smirking.

This Love Again,

Love Again.


Amankwah, the groom with swag,  has had his eyes on this young lady for many years coming.  He never gave up on her. He pursuide something after his own heart.  I see the patience and love he has for her and it makes me smile.  He understands his woman and treats her like the queen that she is with a childlike heart. Innocent fun loving!


The hen night was all that she is.

Innocent Fun.


Amankwah couldn’t stay away.  He popped round the party for a few minutes, to take a sneak peek of his Minnie Bride.

Do you see love? Love Again? This thing called love again?


Now, you see these other two women in the above photo? That’s the bride’s hot mum Auntie Pat, aka Authentic Mrs Kyei and the bride’s hot sister Michelle.

The first time I met them was in December 2015, in my office when they came with Frema for one of her meetings. I was left asking how she is so damn hot! Seriously, letter you will see how I saw she it hot.  Then there is hot Michelle who didn’t utter a single word at the meeting. She just sat there and watched on but that is clearer not the kind of lady that she is.


What else can a girl ask for? Friends who stick by you!  Then there was the friend Rita.  Another fun loving person.Who is Rita?  The bride’s friend who is holding up a cut out of the groom’s face in the above picture.  And do you see a young lady with her hand crossed on her knee on Frema’s right?  Thats little Miss Mimi. The baby of the bride’s family.  A very sweet girl I must say.  She doesn’t say many words but she is very sweet with the few words that she speaks. So all that was just a few hours from the Traditional Engagement.

Photo Credit For Hen Night: Nana Kofi Owuwu-Sekyere (CliqKofi Photography)


Before we knew it, it was Saturday 4th June 2016.  Frema and Amankwah’s Traditional Engagement day.

The day started at 6:30 am with my soldiers. Before 1o am, we were all set and ready for the event.  I smuggled my way into Frema’s room to cheer her on whilst she got ready to meet her Prince Charming, La La La.  That’s his nick name by the way.

Valerie Lawson beat her face, Ekow Arkorful clicked our smiles away into the memories we have now.  Kwaku Zee was taking video coverage of the event.  I saw the truck with all the food Chichi made drive in early enough.  Oh some lovely spread she was putting out on the Buffet tables.  That Assorted Rice!

Dj Fred was hanging out on the veranda waiting for a chance to play between the Rambling Vibes Live Band breaks.  Golda had the nicely chilled local drinks in Calabashes on the local bar table.

Frema’s sister was ready in her jumpsuit to dance her sister into the living room were the ceremony was being held.  Her friends, also beautifully dressed in the Mint Lace Fabrics knew it was time!  Little Mimi in her high heel shoes, just looked over quietly.

The Mahogany Bride and Her Event Stylist
Frema and her friends

The ladies are ready and set, now lets see whats about to happen! Frema danced in to Koko by EL, chosen by her mother, “Authentic Mrs Kyei”. Look this woman doesn’t look even 10 years younger than her age. The first time I spent time with her was when she drove me to the house for a site survey. She was so much fun to talk to. She was so hospitable and made me laugh so much. At first I was nervous, kept my cool but soon I loosened up into my seat as she overtook all the small cars on the highway in her 4×4.

The Mahogany Groom, Amankwah

Amankwah, looking so quiet, like he couldn’t hurt a fly. Sat gently, facing his new audience. The family members and friends who starred at him from all angles of the room. That I am sure can be very uncomfortable but the best moment of it all was when he was put on the spot to say marriage vows to his bride. In twi he said “I will love you, love you and love you again!” Thats an assuring promise worth a million days of endless smiles.

The Mahogany Couple, Frema and Amankwah

The couple went off after the ceremony to take exclusive photos as the guests moved from the living room where the ceremony was held to the courtyard, where tables were beautifully laid for the invited kings and queens. The band played on, the guest danced and cheered on.

The Bride’s Mum, Authentic Mrs. Kyei

Worth more than the pearls in this world! A good mother, everyone deserves.

The Bride’s Younger Brother and Sister

I met this tall handsome man, who happened to be a Coventry University Alumni. Frema’s brother. Such a gentleman. Easy going, minding his affairs, supporting the joys of his older sister’s day. He hanged on to his sister Michelle so protectively. He brought many memories of my brothers. God bless our siblings.

The newly engaged couple

Look at these newly engaged couple! This thing called love again! They danced the rest of the day away. Everyone was joyous at the beautiful occasion that has brought us all together.

Do you realise that Love is the reason why I make new friends? Why then won’t I be a sucker for love. When two people find love, they look for Think Mahogany to help them celebrate the day they exchange vows confessing their love for each other and their commitment to stay together forever.

So I start to work on putting it all together and making sure the day is all that they hope for it to be!


The Bride Price Envelops IMG_3687


Frema’s Bride Price which we packagedIMG_3771

The DecorIMG_3768

The Table SettingIMG_3763

Our Centre Piece Detailing

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, with God’s mercy. The week started with rains, and it rained everyday till Friday night. You wouldn’t want to imagine how much panic that gave me. That along the warning that was given to me by the bride’s father. Mr. Kyei to make sure I deliver excellence at his daughter’s engagement. I met Mr. Kyei a few weeks earlier whilst he was at lunch with his beautiful wife at Holiday Inn Hotel. Haven been already pre-warned by both his wife and daughter that he is a serious critic, I knew I didn’t want to give him room to find any faults. Oh let me just add that to Mr. Kyei, we are called Timberland, not Think Mahogany. Ha ha ha.

After the engagement set up, Mr Kyei said we are on point! Coming from him, that was one big compliment! But he made sure to add that I should make sure the wedding is even better. Oh dear!


Looks Like Frema and Amankwah were pleased too! 😉

The Wedding

18th June 2016….Frema and Amankwah’s very much anticipated wedding day!
But do you know that this couple nor their parents ever called me days to the wedding to make any changes, to enquire about progress, to question any of our plans for the day? Now that is confidence in a service!

The Invitation Card

This wedding invitation was picked by the couple for its lazer pattern and modern yet vintage classy look. Neatly handmade by Talata Events

The Invitation Card
A very Good Morning from The Mahogany Bride in her Personalised Robe

Every Mahogany Bride is robed by us with love. And Frema was a proud one beautifully robed.  Thank you Frema for making us yet again very proud.  You chose us and stuck by us.  God bless you!


Another quick photo moment with yours truly. I looked so tired but that has never and will never stop me! Thank you Ekow Arkorful Photography for the beautiful photos.

The day started well. My soldiers were at the venue at 7 am to begin set up. My steps counter vibrated a few times celebrating that I made many steps in-between the bride’s room, the wedding ceremony grounds, the groom’s room and the wedding reception grounds.

Blown away myself by the stress free couple, I was happy.



I must commend the Bridesmaids for being so supportive in making the event the success that it was. Maid of Honour Michelle, you did great boo! Bridesmaid Rita, you didn’t let me down! Bridesmaid Ethel, you were superb! Bridesmaid Queen, thanks for honouring us with your presence and catching the bouquet! And Bridesmaid Yolanda, you give true meaning to being matched up to a groomsman! You are a fun team. Love you all!

A Blush Lace Bridal Bride

After her fitting at Pistis, she sent me a message that she looked like Ice cream. So yummy! There goes a satisfied bride. She loved her dress the first time she tried it on. Thank you Pistis. And thank you Luxe De’Visage for the hair accessory. It complimented the perfectly done hair by Twist and Locks, and gave the bride the extra kick!

Oozing Elegance
Mahogany Bridesmaids and Mahogany Bride

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, vibrance, radiance, and determination. Perfect for any bride any time. Red bouquets, red shoes, there is no going wrong here is there?

Bridesmaids Double Stem Bouquets
The Bride’s Bouquet and Badly Mischka Hot Red Shoes

This bride is romantic! Why do I say that? Well, she bought her groom a beautiful gift and sent it over to his room with the message “Abi You Know Dada”.


The Mahogany Groomsmen and The Mahogany Groom

Now check out the socks on that groom! I love socks. I love funky socks even more. Socks is bad! Lol. First thing I look out for on a dressed groom. Boring socks are a big no no no! Socks are an accessory. And allow me to add that these groomsmen are looking fine with their hints of red. They even had red suspenders on. Everyone held their position with pride, supporting their friend. Best man Emmanuel, Groomsmen Eric, Nana Kwabena and Michael, you were all awesome! You brought a lot of excitement on to the event. Your fire from the morning guaranteed a good party. Thank you. And lastly groomsman Michael, you know which Michael you are, thank you for still keeping the love party alive with Yolanda. Saying this with a wide grin.

Enter very Good Morning from our Mahogany Groom

This guy right here has said and continues to say, no one has swag like him. You know that reminds me of most of my previous grooms. They buzz with endless swag juice. Mahogany Grooms simply rock!

When the men are it!

Do you see how peaceful they all look? They were ready on time, they knew their roles and were prepared to act the parts to excellence. Anxiety had nothing on them. This team is A1!

The Groomsmen Red Rose Corsages
The Groom’s White Rose Corsage

Now, allow me to introduce to you, Mr. Kyei, the bride’s father. This strict yet loving and kind man is amazing. His hospitality skills and his attention to detail and his expectation and deliverance of perfection says a lot about him. He will certainly keep you on your toes!


Remember Authentic Mrs Kyei? The bride’s mother in a jumpsuit. And she is wearing my favourite colour too! Cobalt blue. What is there not to love. She has style, she has swag, she has presence. Every time I have met this wonderful woman, she has been so friendly towards me. I appreciate her a lot!


Now, let me show you what we did to style Frema and Amankwah’s Wedding.
A simple garden wedding, one that I pride in.



Now, see who we have coming down the stairs to the ceremony.  The yummy ice cream bride.  In her own words.


Do you see this thing called Love Again? And don’t they compliment each other so well?

It is well and done.
Enter a caption

Look at the innocence of this pretty flower girl with her Cutenesity hair bow on. Frema said Amankwah nicknamed her BBM and she wanted it incorporated in a flower girl placard. He didn’t have a clue about it.


See this other flower girl.  Now don’t let this pretty innocent look fool you.  She makes a party a party.  She takes the dancefloor by surprise.  She is a happy child with a lot of fun loving energy.  Rocking her Cutenesity hair bow ready to steal the show.  And she has a younger sister who is a replica of her bottled loveliness.


Now lets take you to the Wedding Reception.



Do you see what I see? A perfectly placed room with a perfectly placed bridal party.

Now let me put some faces to these names.

Here goes Michelle.


Then we have Yolanda.


Miss Rita!




Miss Ethel.


When Frema showed me her choice of wedding cake design, I was excited.  Cake Lady Jane was excited.  A perfect fit to our theme.  Thanks Labadi Beach Hotel for the perfect cake.


See the glow on this setting for the Mahogany Couple.




Then we have the detailing on the guests tables.


How do you think we did? The swag couple didn’t have any complains 🙂  I always think to myself I am going to miss my clients after their weddings but they just always stick around.  A relationship beyond an event.  This is Think Mahogany.



Now the picture below is dedicated to Ekow Arkorful.  The man on the job.  The official photographer at work.



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  1. Sally Frances Dagher July 6, 2016 — 11:18 am

    Wishing you the best in marriage life. May you also be HOLY MOTHER MARY, who found the better part in life.


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