Mahogany Weddings: Rustic Eclectic – Oyoo And Edem

Ok so this Mahogany Couple, Naa Oyoo who is an Award Winning Blogger and Edem who is also a Blogger and a Software Engineer put up their own blog post about the vendors they chose for their wedding.  I happen to be one of them!   Here is what they said.

oyoo and edem wedding


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And then, this is what I have to say.

oyoo and edem wed

The first time I saw Naa Oyoo was at Rodney and Irma’s Wedding.  The couple in the photo carrying their Baby Maho, a baby I named Justice Rouge as her stage name.  She is definitely going to be a show stopper this one right here.  Rouge simply because her parents love Red!

As you may have already gathered, I was in charge of decor for their wedding.  Another Mahogany Couple 🙂

Now I wish I had a blog post about their wedding you could read.  Not all hope is lost.  Search for the hash tag IrmaAndRodney on Instagram.  That was on heck of a fun wedding.

Then the first or second time I saw Edem was in Rodney’s office at Ringier Ghana where he was Head of Product Development.  But I also met him at Ericsson where I previously worked during the same era.  He was looking for an internship opportunity for his brother.  I am yet to remember which was actually the first time speaking to Edem.  Ringier or Ericsson!  Oh by the way, if you are curious about why I left Ericsson, check this out – The Rotten Bananas

oyoo and edem engagement-14

Oyoo and Edem’s traditional engagement ceremony is one I am very fond of.  I loved the simplicity of the event.  She said there would be 50 people (family and guests) but I told her to be on the safe side, she should set up for 80 people yet on the day, approximately 140 people showed up.

Why am I fond of this event?  Well, it was meant for family and a handful of very close significant friends only. It had a natural homely traditional feel and everyone that was there was meant to be there.  They didn’t have a DJ making a whole show of the event, they used one of my favourite “Okyeame” called Cool Body, it was a down to earth, simple event.

oyoo and edem engagement-2oyoo and edem engagement-4oyoo and edem engagement-8

Another observation that made me love it even the more is, everyone there seemed genuinely happy.  Now look at the following photographs.

oyoo and edem engagement-12

The Groom With His Friends And Brother

oyoo and edem engagement-13

The Official Photographers – Nfoningraphy by Nii Odzenma

oyoo and edem engagement-7

The Okyeame – Cool Body

oyoo and edem engagement-17

The Bride

oyoo and edem engagement-16

The Groom

oyoo and edem engagement-15

The Bride’s Grand Aunts.  First to arrive for the event by the way.  They got there at 7 am sharp for an event starting at 9 am.

oyoo and edem engagement-24

The Bride and Groom’s Friend Rodney, My Mahogany Groom

IMG_5831 (1)

The New Mahogany Couple.

Check out that Engagement Ring.  Another thing I fell in love with.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mahogany Couple, Oyoo and Edem!!!


The next day was the Wedding Ceremony and Reception – Saturday 2nd July 2016

oyoo and edem wedding-4

On my way to the venue, I drove by the bride’s house to drop off her dressing robe to her and pick up a few things to take to the reception grounds.

Check out the inscription at the back of the dressing robe.  No other warning comes this close.

oyoo and edem wedding-2

Again, I loved the simplicity and authenticity of this couple.  They events have been meaningful and a true reflection of their style.


I loved her shoes.  Simple Elegance.

oyoo and edem wed

Her simple make up and natural hair style by Jackie Asante-Mensah, MakeupGoddess had me at Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Mr & Mrs Kumodzi.

As you read on her blog post, she was certainly in love with her delicious cascading shape of white roses and purple orchids bouquet.

oyoo and edem wed-7

I was given a task to transform the uncompleted house of worship.

oyoo and edem wed-5

This couple are just so different it made my job one to be excited about.  A live plant wrapped in African print cloth for the aisle.

Now we make our way to the Reception

oyoo and edem wed-16oyoo and edem wed-15oyoo and edem wed-13oyoo and edem wed-18oyoo and edem wed-19

The simple pleasures of life are made with love.

oyoo and edem wed-9oyoo and edem wed-10oyoo and edem wed-12oyoo and edem wed-17

Table for two.

oyoo and edem wed-21

I finally met Abigail of PipersGH and I finally tasted her cake 🙂

1469205721831oyoo and edem wed-22oyoo and edem wed-26

Oyoo said, “I personally made the wedding favors as well by creating a fiery spice blend. I found these vintage woven baskets in the market and they were so perfect for the spices. This for me was a great way to show our friends and families that we love them so much as to create homemade spices for their use. Some wedding favors sometimes ends up never being used.”


Oyoo & Edem

oyoo and edem wed-24oyoo and edem wed-25oyoo and edem wed-23


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  1. I will like to know if there is registration ongoing for your event planning training.


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