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We provide 3 Event Services:

Event Planning

Event Styling (Design/Décor) 

Event Coordination

Each of the three mentioned services is priced separately.

Décor For Your Event!

We don’t have fixed packages as we provide a tailored service only based on the client’s needs.

The cost for your Event Styling (Design/Décor) is based on a number of factors including:

Location/Venue for your event

Time of your event (This will determine if you require shade and/or lighting)

The number of guests being hosted

The detailing of your set up

And much more…

If you would like a quote for your event décor, kindly call or email us.  Details below.

Planning Your Event!

We charge a flat fee of GHS 4,000.00 only Event Planning.

We offer you an initial recommendation of 3 vendors most suitable for the service you require (based on our experience) within your budget.  If you are not happy with any of the 3 vendors recommended, we will suggest another 2 vendors for you to choose from, making 5 in total.

As your Event Planners, we will be involved in everything about your event as long as you allow us to be.  This stretches across:

  • Recommending and managing ideal vendors for your event
  • Choosing shapes, colors, designs and styles required for your event
  • Managing your budget
  • Beading the ideas together to create the masterpiece
  • Harmonizing the actual event
  • …And all the other nitty-gritty details that go into planning and executing an event.

We are expected to satisfy the concerns that you as a client had when you decided to look for an event planner.

Coordinating Your Event!

Event Coordination on the day of the event, is charged at a separate fee from event planning as sometimes some clients plan their own events, yet contact us to do the coordination on the day of the event only.  Our charge for event coordination depends on your number of guests and the charges is as follows:

GHS 2,000.00 – For Up To 200 Guests For Up To 10 Hours Of Coordination

GHS 2,500.00 – For 201 – 400 Guests  For Up To 10 Hours Of Coordination

GHS 3,000.00 – For 401 – 600 Guests  For Up To 10 Hours Of Coordination

GHS 3,500.00 – For 601 – 800 Guests  For Up To 10 Hours Of Coordination

GHS 4,000.00 – For 801 – 1000 Guests  For Up To 10 Hours Of Coordination

For every additional 100 guests above 1000 guests, the coordination fee goes up by GHS 500.00 only.

We arrive for coordination 3 hours before the stated event start time and our coordination ends at the 10th hour from our time of arrival.

Additional coordination hours beyond the stated 10 hours are charged at GHS 250.00 only per hour.

The Coordination Team is made up of Hosts, Service Supervisors, Event Coordinators and Event Managers.  The number of staff on site will depend on the number of guests at your event and it’s detailing.

As your Event Coordinators, our job roles include:

  •  Coordinating vendors and their deliveries
  • Taking care of client, guests and vendors’ needs and comfort
  • Making sure the event spaces are set up
  • Designing your tables, lighting and other visual details
  • Running the rehearsal
  • Organizing and managing your event day timeline, running the event from start to finish
  • Dealing with guest lists, uninvited guests and unruly guests
  • Collecting personal items, gifts and making sure they get back to you safely
  • …And making you wonder how it all happened so smoothly.


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